Campus Life

The campus covers an area of about 2.04 acres, with a total of 3 buildings and a total construction area of more than 8,000 square meters.The campus was once the largest public school in Ontario Prov., the main teaching building planned in accordance with the highest educational standards in the west, and 30 classrooms equipped with Wi-Fi, which also features musical performances and dance rooms, art and crafts rooms, libraries providing a variety of traditional paper and electronic resources for classroom teaching, group learning and personal research, A variety of readings are also available for students to read. The 400-square-metre gymnasium features a basketball courts, gym, weightlifting room, and table tennis facilities. In addition, the building also features a cinema that is a major venue for theatrical performances, musical performances and creations, as well as student gatherings.

Food Safety

Canada Benson Academy ensures a fresh, delicious, balanced diet for its students. With respect, the executive chef carefully arranges every meal so that students enjoy every dietary experience. The catering team has extensive experience in serving international students, is familiar with the food culture and customs of different countries, and cooks meals that are closer to the taste of the home students’ hometown.

Diet promotes mental maturity


Diet improves physical fitness


Diet helps soothe the mind


Diet is not only based on nutrition, but also student-oriented, to help them grow in an all-round way, and food nourishes students’ minds, physiques and minds, and promotes their physical and mental health and integration into the surrounding communities and the world.

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High-quality teaching cultivates high-quality students, and modern management of the dream of round school.
Continuously transport students to prestigious schools for further study
Each year to train more than 2000 outstanding graduates, Peach Li full of the world, feelings in Bensen.

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Provide students with the most convenient and comprehensive visa guidance and application process

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Campus Life