Canada Benson Academy offers six admissions per year to maximize student time requirements. Flexible admission arrangements allow students to continue their studies at Academy at any time after completing their country’s semester/school year.

All freshmen at Canada Benson Academy must take a class test before taking a course. Students attending high school and pre-university courses will prepare diagnostic tests in mathematics and English.

Students who are required to register English as a second language (ESL) course before applying to Benson Academy in Canada will take an ESL English diagnostic test.

Our students.

The students’ grades are the glory of the academy. Over the years, we have trained countless graduates and helped them to enter their dream university smoothly to further their studies, the realization of their dreams. Over the years, our students continually get into top Canadian Universities showing that our students are intelligent, and enterprising. They work hard, and are diligent. In the academy, instructors carefully teach and encourage, helping students successfully enter the threshold of the university, opening a new chapter in life!

Tuition & scholarships

All awards and scholarships are awarded by Canada BensonAcademy. Students who complete the credits they have taken within 12 months are eligible to participate in the selection.

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Shift Test

We use the Secondary Level English Proficiency test to assess the English proficiency of non-English speakers. The test, organized by the International authoritative ETS organization, is divided into listening, reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar. According to the test results, students will enter ESL English or academic English courses. The SLEP test is divided into two parts:

Part I: Listening test, time 40 minutes

Type 1: The test paper is printed with pictures, candidates will listen to the audio broadcast of the four sentences of English sentences, choose the content of the picture in line with the sentence.These sentences are played only once and are not printed on the test paper.

Type 2: Similar to dictation tests that are common in English classes.The examinee hears the sentences played on the tape and selects the matching sentences from several sentences in the test paper.

Type 3: The test paper contains a map, including the street, the building logo and four cars labeled A, B, C and D.Candidates will listen to the recorded dialogue and choose the right car based on the content of the conversation.

Type 4: The recording is dominated by the dialogue of everyday life, usually around the campus life.Candidates choose the right answer after listening to the tape.

The second part: grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, the duration of 40 minutes.

Question Type 1: According to the sentences listed in the test paper, choose the most suitable answer from the four cartoon characters in the picture.

Question Type 2: According to the meaning, choose the most appropriate answer from the four patterns.

Question Type 3: Divided into two types, the first is from the article sentence of the four options to choose the correct answer to fill in the blanks, and finally complete this article.The second category is to answer questions.

Question Type 4: Read the passage and answer the relevant questions.