About Us

Canada Benson Academy is one of Canada's top private boarding schools and pre-academy schools. We have a clear belief that our school colleagues work together to ensure that students enjoy a world-class education and life experience.
The trend of studying abroad has become more common as of late. More and more parents are sending their children to study abroad. More attention needs to be paid to the children's ability to take care of themselves when away from home. Benson is a quality full-time boarding school, providing hotel-style dormitories for students, 24-hour dormitory monitoring, and both comfortable and safe accommodation for all students. Environment, and arrange professional life teachers to take care of the children's living and living in Canada, to eliminate the parents. Our safe and caring environment of professional teachers and caretakers eliminate the need for parent’s concern while studying abroad. We can also arrange boarding families for students, living with local children and parents, and helping students quickly integrate and appreciate local everyday life and culture.

Our goal

It is the preferred private secondary school and pre-academy for parents and children around the world.

Our responsibility

Student-oriented, as always, the implementation of first-class education and life experience. Our first duty is to give our children the best personal growth space so that they can reach their full potential and achieve their ideals. In order to achieve this goal, we continue to innovate, enhance student service, advocate equality and respect, sincerely face students and parents, promote multicultural harmony and integration

We advocate equality and inclusion

To meet the needs of each student with excellent student service is the foundation of building trust. Ensure that services are provided to all students, parents and visitors, including persons with disabilities.