Canada Benson Academy

Canada Benson Academy is a private high school run by a senior Canadian educator and audited by the Ontario Ministry of Education (Registration Number: 669083). It is located in the center of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and adjacent to the famous public comprehensive and research University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The school began in 1914 and began official enrollment in 1915. Benson Academy is one of the larges schools in Ontario at one point in history.

Most recently, a new highly qualified and a competent administration has drastically transformed Benson Academy as per Ontario Ministry of Education’s standards into a new private school where modem technology, state-of-the-art facilities, qualified and dedicated teaching staff are present to help the student succeed in their lives. Now, this high school is running independently and under the direct supervision of the Ontario Ministry of Education in Canada.

Our graduates will be qualified to hold and obtain the Ontario Senior High School Diploma (OSSD) of Canada. The admission rate of the top-ranking schools of successive graduates has reached an astonishing 96%, and more than 40% of the students have received generous entrance scholarships in world renowned universities. Meeting the successes is the most guarantee for you to enter university. “University  Enrollment Guarantee” and “Double Enrollment” provide each graduate with a smooth road to the university.