Canada Benson Academy

Canada Benson Academy is a private boarding high school run by a senior Canadian educator. It is located in Windsor Ontario, Canada just adjacent to the prestigious University of Windsor. The Benson School is a century-old famous school which first opened in 1914. Nowadays, Canada Benson Academy is a private high school registered by the Canadian government and directly supervised by the Ministry of Education. Unlike some private schools, this academy can award the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) for it’s students while also providing teaching from Ontario professional licensed teachers. The experience provided for the students will be different. Not only will they create a personalized curriculum but also modify it to help students pave the way to the world’s leading schools. Our campuses have reached a staggering 96% admission rate for successive graduates, and more than 40% of students have received generous admission scholarships. Benson Academy implements the Comprehensive Care education programme, helps secure students a place in University.


Our motto

Our teaching concepts are in line with students’ interest and expertise from start to end. We at Benson are committed to our motto “advocating science, focus on innovation, the Pursuit of excellence, dare to surpass” the diversity of talent. We have excellent academic teachers with advanced teaching management systems, with the Academy’s inception being committed to the perfection of our teaching staff.

We believe that excellent teaching staff can not only enhance students’ academic achievements but also integrates subject knowledge and social concepts into student life. Students can integrate their knowledge into their everyday life, in order to achieve the harmonious unity of personal values and social values.

Our benefits

Unique small class teaching, improving the quality of teaching.The school reports 3 results per semester to the parents in a timely manner to report on the students ‘ learning and homework situation.
Provide one-on-one professional after-school tutoring, including help with employment and guidance for further education to provide timely assistance for students.

The school has set up a special scholarship program to give the university’s outstanding students a scholarship award.All school students are eligible for scholarships.
The school regularly organizes student summer camps and winter camp programs to travel to different regions and countries to study. We aim to increase students‘ knowledge and insights, and enrich students‘ after-school life.

Campus environment

Canada has always been known for its social security, justice, and peace. And Canada has a mild climate and is habitable, and has been named one of the most livable countries for many years. It is also for this reason that the trend of studying abroad in Canada has gradually moved towards a younger age.
The campus covers an area of about 2.04 acres, the main building and a total construction area of more than 90,000 square feet. The campus was once the largest public school in Ontario Province, the main teaching building planned according to the highest educational standards in the west, and 30 classrooms equipped with Wi-Fi. Libraries provide a variety of traditional paper and electronic resources for group learning and personal.

Overseas students, the high demand for studying abroad
Requirements for International Students

Research under Canadian immigration law, international students have the opportunity to obtain a valid Canadian graduation work visa for 1-3 years after acquiring a Canadian bachelor’s degree and are eligible to apply for Canadian immigration after one year of full-time employment. At present, there are 490,000 international students in Canada, having the largest number of international students after the United States, Britain, and China.