Introduction to the Academic system

Canada Benson Academy has 2 semesters a year. The first semester is from September to January, and the second semester is from February to June of the following year. Another one-month of summer classes are held every July and August. Semester-based courses are thorough, and students have the flexibility to arrange their favorite courses.

The high school curriculum at Canada Benson Academy is set in strict accordance with the revised syllabus of the Ministry of Education  The Ontario Province education system is divided into 12 grades, of which grades 9 to 12 are in the upper secondary department. 30 credits and 40 volunteer hours are required to successfully obtain an Ontario High school diploma (Ontario Secondary). International students can convert credits according to their own academic situation in the country.

All courses
  • English
  • Mathematics Class Mathematics
  • Canada and world Political Economy Canadian and worlds studies
  • Business class Business Studies
  • Scientific science
Intensive classes in various language examinations
  • Ielts
  • Language classes
Elective courses
  • Equestrian
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Performing Arts
  • Orchestral device