Courses and Classes

Small-class teaching: unique small-class teaching where the proportion of teachers and students is lower than that of general public schools. This makes it convenient for teachers to update the curriculum regularly, formulate teaching syllabus suitable for students’ learning habits, and improve the overall quality of teaching. The school provides student evaluations three times a semester and reports the students’ learning and progress to their parents in a timely manner.


One-to-one tutoring: We provide one-to-one professional after-class tutor to students who require assistance. Students who have unfinished learning tasks or have questions about classroom content can ask teachers for help in a timely manner.


International Excellent Student Scholarship Project: A scholarship project specially established by the school, awarding scholarship awards to outstanding students in the school. All students are eligible for this scholarship. 

Personalized College Entrance Counseling: The school employs full-time academic consultants to assist in university applications and career plans for students, and to assist students through the OUAC application process during the school period.

Summer Camp & Winter Camp Tour: Schools regularly organize students’ summer camps and winter camps taking students to different regions and countries to experience diversity. We hope this way, we can increase students’ knowledge and opinions, and enrich our students’ extra-curricular life.